Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges Around The Globe

Reduce the risk in your cybersecurity environment with state-of-the-art platforms

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Commercial entities can strengthen their cybersecurity posture through maximized learning and training opportunities, readiness strategies, and technology optimization to remain vigilant against attacks.

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Protect and defend national security with proactive and continuous learning solutions that keep cyber teams and the entire workforce up to speed on cybersecurity best practices and responses.

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Prepare the next generation of cyber professionals to defeat evolving threats before students enter the workforce with hands-on, skill-based exercises that take learned knowledge out of the classroom and into realistic on-the-job scenarios.

Person-centered Cybersecurity Solutions for Ultimate Preparedness.

We understand the challenges facing cybersecurity experts can seem insurmountable. From staffing shortages to skill deficits to budget constraints and overworked cyber teams, it can appear there’s minimal hope for improvement. We are changing that with our suite of solutions designed to place PEOPLE at the forefront of cybersecurity readiness. We believe the experts who control the advancing technologies used to prevent cyberattacks are the key to strong infosecurity environments.

Circadence’s patented and patent-pending AI, virtualization and gamification technology has reinvented the world of cybersecurity training and assessment–creating the most scalable, engaging, and effective platform on the planet. A diversified yet interconnected product ecosystem is designed to address existing and emerging customer needs across cyber training and assessment, content development, event scheduling and operational tools for a lifetime of cyber preparedness, from the cyber professional all the way to the reception desk and onto the C-Suite, thereby creating a proprietary, defensible and hard to replicate technology base.

51% of organizations have a shortage of cybersecurity skills.
65% of Cyber professionals do not have a defined career path to advance.
84% of cyber companies do not actively do anything to attract new talent.

Cybersecurity Learning and Assessments

Hone cyber team skills and assess knowledge of evolving cyber threats to protect your organization with AI-powered, gamified, on-demand, online training.

Workforce Readiness

Educate the entire staff on cybersecurity issues to create a culture of cybersecurity that benefits and protects all.

Event Hosting

Make cybersecurity events and competitions fun and engaging using our solutions to facilitate learning and inspire conversation.

Cybersecurity Ranges

Emulate company networks to transform cybersecurity training into realistic threat scenarios pertinent to your industry.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Increase situational awareness of cybersecurity attacks, offensive, and defensive strategies for a holistic view of cybersecurity today.

Optimizing Application Performance

Make the most of your organization’s bandwidth and maintain user productivity without sacrificing corporate computing power.

Cyberattacks are imminent

It’s not a matter of “if” but “when” an attack will occur. There are more than 3,809,448 records stolen from breaches every day, 158,727 per hour, 2,645 per minute and 44 every second of every day. Don’t let your data be compromised – enable your team today to stay on top of evolving threats.