Host your own cyber event Host your own cyber event

Host an Event

Hosting a cybersecurity competition for your employees or partners?

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Educate the entire workforce from the administrator to the IT expert to protect all facets of enterprise data from the inside, out.

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Gain insight into workforce practices with awareness training that institutionalizes cybersecurity for everyone’s protection.

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Connect the cybersecurity dots from concept to application with awareness training that addresses real-world threats.

Circadence can be your partner in hosting a cybersecurity event through the use of its flagship product Project Ares. Event coordinators can bring their competition to life with Project Ares available as a hands-on activity for participants to demonstrate their offensive and defensive talents. Using Project Ares is great to facilitate fair competition, test event attendee skills, and for use as a teaching tool for students. Whether hosting a day-long event or multi-month event, Project Ares can elevate your next event. 

Fit to Scope and Scale

One-day events or multi-month programs; individual or team game play; offensive or defensive exercises, Project Ares is a turnkey solution, customizable to any cybersecurity challenge/competition/event.

Industry Specific

Cybersecurity exercises and missions can mirror company networks (e.g. finance, critical infrastructure, oil and gas), emulating realistic environments that sharpen player skills.

Automate and Augment the Cyber Workforce

AI-informed cyberattack data and AI-based advisors, umpires, and opponents keep missions current with up-to-date threats placing trainees into real-world environments using real-world tools; 24x7 web browser access allows players to engage remotely.

An Unprecedented Platform for Events and Competitions

Gamification makes learning more engaging for users and increased information retention to 75% compared to standard classroom teachings.