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Cyber Range-as-a-Service

Train for a purpose. Train for an outcome. Train for prevention.

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Test new procedures and protocols before they're introduced into the actual environment. LEARN MORE about scalable cyber range learning.

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Amplify nation state training with team collaboration. LEARN MORE about computationally elastic virtual environments.

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Put learned knowledge into action with virtual cyber range learning. LEARN MORE about hands-on cyber activities.

Our premier Cyber Range-as-a-Service allows enterprise, government and academic institutions the opportunity to train in realistic environments that mirror their actual company networks. Its potential is limitless, with the ability to support collective Nation State exercises as well as modeling for entire cities to develop living physical and fifth domain environments. 

Combined with Circadence’s Project Ares®, Orion™ Mission Builder, and StrikeSet™, your organization can learn and grow without impacting your operations. This next-generation approach transforms traditional lecture-based learning, taking it out of the classroom and into interactive real-world environments, at any scale, anytime, anywhere. 

Closed, Virtualized Network

Provides real-time scenarios that are trained on an HTML5 compliant platform in a web browser. Virtually clone any IT or OT environment, enterprise network or even a City, and it persists in the Cloud.

Interactive System Emulation

Trainees can experience true-to-life cybersecurity scenarios that imitate company networks.

Real-time Skills Assessment

Training events can be repeated over and over to reinforce cybersecurity protection strategies and boost retention.

Test, Train and Prepare Cyber Teams

Users can emulate a scenario or entire network where a vulnerability compromised the system.

Revolutionizing the way
we address the cyber threat.

Users can emulate an attack scenario or entire network where a vulnerability compromised the system.


Training extends to the cloud to globalize cybersecurity posture in ways never imagined.

Increase Efficiency

Detect and respond to threats faster with amplified infrastructure visibility and control in the cloud.  

Always Available

Deploy persistent training with 24/7 access safely and securely in the intelligent cloud to reduce costs without impacting operations.  

Hone Cyber Skills

Practice emergency management and protect, defend and respond to cyber threats on real networks using real tools.