Security Awareness Learning

Engage and Empower Employees

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Reduce Business Risk​

Minimize the chances that employees will fall for ‘the bait’ as they work on corporate and government systems. Learn email security, password best practices, and online safety among other topics.​

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Change Employee Behavior​

Gamified hacks first engage the player in what an attacker is trying to do. Fun, friendly competition then empowers the player with actions to detect and defend.​

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Increase Learning Retention​

Active-learning models in the game improve information retention to 75% compared to 20% through classroom, reading, or audio-visual teaching methods.​

Human behavior doesn’t change until people areinvested in learning new behaviors. inCyt is a progressive and inventive cyber learning program that teaches security awareness through games and interactivity. inCyt helps IT leaders and Security Awareness leaders to motivate employees from accounting to administrators and marketing to managers to develop an aptitude for cyber security safety at work—and at home. 

With inCyt, we dare to have fun as the complexity of cyber​ is simplified and gamified.​


Learn security awareness concepts and practices wherever and whenever you desire. Interactive game play moves security awareness training off the ‘must do’ list and onto the ‘want to do’ list for employees.

Progressive Learning

Lessons are embedded in the gameplay. Starter games are short and focused on security concepts while advanced games take longer to help players understand intricate topics.

Metrics Fortify Aptitude

Player performance is tracked through gameplay statistics to measure and assess security awareness posture.

“Employees should see and read daily reports on cybersecurity best practices. They should have immediate access to information via corporate networks and other materials. Regular cybersecurity training should be mandatory.” ~ CSO Online