Virtual and immersive cyber learning for professors and students

Cyber and computer science professors are teaching outside the physical classroom. As more students are introduced to and adapt to a remote, e-learning environment, virtual education must be equally effective as in-person.

Universities, colleges, high schools, and middle schools place confidence in Project Ares because it provides students with hands-on learning that enhances classroom curriculum–building cyber skills and competencies to effectively prepare them to enter the workforce with confidence.

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Apply Gamified Cyber Learning to the Classroom

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Build an Immersive Cyber Curriculum with Project Ares: Use Case

Engage Learners Through Gamification

Our virtual gaming environment supports customized, task-oriented training, skill-specific games, and battle room scenarios for all player skill levels. This approach encourages necessary repetition to develop lasting skill and knowledge retention, while keeping students engaged.

Cultivate Skills That Complement Classroom Education

Combined with machine orchestration, AI technology converts real-life adversary scenarios into fresh, challenging content helping students apply learned concepts to actual activities. This ensures students have limitless opportunities to hone their skills without frequent duplication.

Available 24x7

Whether at home or on-campus, students can build cyber skills on our browser-based platform from virtually anywhere to align with their on-the-go lifestyle.

Reward-Driven Learning

Scenario-based battle rooms and gameplay enable students to learn cyber tools, tactics, and procedures. Players earn work role skill badges and can use Project Ares to prepare for industry certifications to document their proficiency. Gamified elements like leaderboards and scoring engage students in healthy competition with peers. Students acquire skills to demonstrate accomplishments on their resumes, useful on internship applications and future career pursuits.

Gamified, Active-Learning for Real-World Skills Application 

State-of-the-art technology and detailed performance metrics give cyber instructors the benchmarks and progression points needed to prepare the next generation of cyber professionals and fill the industry skills gap.