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Work Role Training and Testing

Train crews on offensive and defensive strategies to set standards regardless of varying skill levels in order to nimbly assign them to different problem sets when needed.

Skills Monitoring and Management  

Track knowledge and progress of an individual for the duration of their time in a unit to articulate proficiencies as they rise through the ranks and seek required certifications.

Gamified, AI-powered Technology  

Gamification and AI-driven technologies enable cyber professionals to “train-as-they-fight,” addressing real-time threat scenarios.

Flexible Deployment

Scalability, access, and ability to deploy on both classified and unclassified systems fills gaps in existing cyber readiness infrastructures. 

Delivering on its promise: Unprecedented cyber readiness training and assessment for the government sector.

Defense departments and military agencies place confidence in Project Ares knowing it provides a ROI that can’t be taught in the classroom or bought with a technical degree.

Reduced Training Costs

In-game advisor and umpire, and red/blue/white team guides eliminate the need to hire oversight. Automated adversary responses further conserve human resources, sustaining training budgets.

Skills Retention and Maintenance

Information and skills retention rates increase to 75% compared to traditional classroom teaching methods ensuring professionals not only learn the latest cyber concepts but are prepared to apply them during real-world attacks.

Proactive Approach Reduces Risk Environment

Staying ahead of evolving threats help teams take proactive measures to safeguard their organization, which in turn, keeps our daily life, economic vitality stable, safe, and secure


State-of-the-art technology and detailed performance metrics arm cyber professionals with the benchmarks and progression points needed to strengthen their cybersecurity strategy and daily defenses.