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StrikeSet Overview

Augment Human Cyber Red Teams Using Machine Autonomy

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See how the network holds up against a potential attack before it actually happens to properly remediate any weak points in the network.

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Remain in compliance and avoid heavy penalties or fines with automated pen testing without compromising the availability from a needed staff member.

Users manage engagement objectives using a unified dashboard and collaborate with teams on exploit development and attack planning using enhanced chat features, event notifications, and file sharing. Red Team capabilities allow users to uncover security gaps, exploit IT and OT infrastructure, and manage multiple engagements simultaneously. The proprietary software mimics Red Team tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) and to the extent possible, automates routine activities such as event classification, report generation, and operator task management.

StrikeSet is not yet available, but you can contact us to learn more about how it can help solve your pen testing challenges and be alerted when it is released.

Routine Automation

Event classification, report generation and operator task management can be automated so teams can have visibility into key tasks during engagement, and instrumented systems provide detailed auditing.

Increase Transparency Through Collaboration

Users can work together on code and scripts to tackle the toughest threats, while chat features and file sharing capabilities ensure transparency during skill development.

Always Available

Automation empowers one employee to perform the work of many, enabling anytime availability.

Discover a New Threat Playbook

Dynamic variability adversary engine and evolutionary algorithms allows machine learning technology to compose a comprehensive threat playbook for existing and prospective.

Better Investment

Automated approach allows for scaled back CPTs and/or third party engagements.

Amplify User Efficacy via Machine Learning Algorithms

AI-driven knowledgebase informs and improves solutions for all users to augment threat intelligence playbook material.