The cybersecurity skills gap requires well-rounded young professionals who can swiftly address evolving threats with minimal oversight and onboarding. Better prepare students for careers in cybersecurity with realistic learning solutions that offer hands-on exercises that mirror industry networks. Compliment learned concepts in the classroom with gamified skills assessment activities that help students achieve certifications.

Performance-based learning in emulated virtual environments allow students to hone skills and knowledge of cyber concepts in safe spaces. Real-time feedback and instructor-controlled mission development options keep students engaged and continuously developing capabilities needed in today’s evolving cybersecurity industry. Circadence’s learning and education solutions help instructors cultivate both “soft” and “hard” skill sets required of today’s cyber professional.

Prepare the Next Generation of Cybersecurity Professionals.

Complement classroom teachings with hands-on learning experiences using state-of-the-art tools and technology to prepare students to stop real-world threats.

75% learners retain information when exposed to active-learning methods.
63% cyber security professionals feel they are not receiving adequate training from their employer.
90% cyberattacks are traced back to human error.

Continual and Relevant Learning Material

Robust data corpus delivers unique, fresh cybersecurity content in the form of gamified exercises, keeping learning relevant as the industry shifts, while optimizing student learning informed by best practices and current events.

Prepare for Certification

Continually upskill using modules in our training platforms that mirror certification requirements, so when the time comes to interview for a position, employers are confident new hires have the skills and business mindset necessary to strengthen their cyber posture.

Individual and Team Work Roles

Students can better prepare for a position in cybersecurity by learning both individual and team-based work roles, which gives them a well-rounded experience rooted in the latest cyber best practices and strategies.