Enterprises need to be as adaptive and progressive as the cybersecurity threats imminent in their network. As hacker groups grow more active, they get more advanced at stealing corporate data. These risks are prompting enterprise cybersecurity leaders to take a second look at their existing readiness posture. Everything from team capabilities to C-suite communication, to governance, risk and compliance, cybersecurity leaders are under enormous pressure to sustain performance, increase protection, and optimize asset management.  

Our suite of enterprise-wide cybersecurity solutions alleviates the biggest (and smallest) pain points. From cyber team training to security awareness education, we provide enterprises with cybersecurity education and assessment solutions to effectively and securely upskill all employees in cyber readiness techniques and practices.  

Build a Person-Centered Cybersecurity Culture.

Circadence’s solutions prepare novice and seasoned cyber professionals to better combat evolving threats because we know “one-and-done” training will not minimize the cyber skills gap.

71% of U.S. enterprises reported suffering at least one data breach 
87% of enterprises say they will require up to 50% more budget for cybersecurity investments
25% of organizations have a standalone security department.

Communicate Milestones

Custom data-driven reports communicate overall enterprise security posture, team performance, and milestones, making it easy for C-suite executives to understand its cyber resiliency and vulnerabilities in the marketplace.

Skills Assessment

Cyber team capabilities can be better assessed with performance-based data to support additional skills development and employee retention. Likewise, new hires can demonstrate their talents during the interview process, helping hiring managers recruit skilled professionals.

Proactive Risk Management

Ongoing cybersecurity training and education is necessary in today’s evolving threat landscape, so cyber professionals can deeply uncover inherent vulnerabilities across the enterprise and proactively manage risk before a hacker attacks.