Cyber Range Training on Project Ares

To combat evolving threats, train with real-world tools in virtualized, secure environments

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Cloud-based cyber range learning allows for single-and-multi-player collaborative learning.

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Sharpen cyber professional skill sets with realistic emulations of cyber threats.

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Gain real-world application of attack scenarios in secure cyber ranges that re-set with the flip of a switch.

Cyber ranges are virtual environments that let teams practice cybersecurity skills and learn concepts in “safe” training spaces. Cyber ranges allow enterprise, government, and academic cyber security professionals to use offense and defense tools in realistic network environments, so they can “train as they would fight.” 

Unlike other cyber range providers, Circadence’s unique cyber-range-as-a-service (CyRaaS) solution helps you practice, learn and improve skills with the flexibility and scale desired to keep pace with evolving threats whether on a home network to city infrastructure to nationstate security exercises. Our cyber range software can be reset with the flip of a switch for continual training. CyRaaS is imbedded in Project Ares, our cyber learning platform. 

Cyber ranges help an organization’s security strategy because they help practitioners improve cyber skills that can be directly translated to actual cyber situations.

Just as one would train for a marathon by running on varied terrain paths and lengths to build stamina, so would cyber professionals train in cyber ranges to learn multiple scenarios.

Malicious hackers are persistent; our training must be as well.  

Modernize cybersecurity training with regular access to cyber ranges to ensure cyber defenses are as complex and strong as the hackers who prepare to destroy them. 

To learn how cyber ranges are being used to improve cyber learning and how it can be applied to your organization or company,
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