Cybersecurity Learning and Assessment

Behind every piece of technology is a well-informed cybersecurity professional.

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Empower cyber teams with a proactive, immersive learning solution that simulates network environments to activate their skills and know-how to perfect capabilities.

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From work role training to performance assessment, department and agency cybersecurity professionals need constant upskilling to stay ahead of hackers and stop attacks before they threaten national security.

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Hands-on, skill-based exercises take learned knowledge out of the classroom and into realistic, on-the-job scenarios.

Redefine Cybersecurity Best Practices with Immersive Learning and Assessment.  

The escalating cybersecurity skills gap is widening the attack surface for hackers and without properly trained cyber teams, companies will continue to jeopardize their security environment, their employees, and their customers. Now is not the time to rest on the laurels of cyber teams who desperately crave professional development opportunities that stimulate their skills and put their knowledge to the test in real-world scenarios. Learning and assessment of current and prospective cyber teams is the first and strongest step to take in preparing all organizations for advanced attacks and evolving threats. Learn more about our cybersecurity solutions below to find what platform works best for your needs.

69% increase in perceived endpoint security risk.
49% of companies provide little to no cybersecurity training.
8% increase in global cybersecurity spending by 2021.

Structured Training Environment

Clearly defined mission objectives with tiered levels of difficulty and time constraints.

Realistic scenarios

Spawn a large number of cyber range notes to replicate various attack scenarios.

Dynamic Role Assignments

Trainees can engage in both offensive and defensive assignments for a more holistic learning experience.

Trainer oversight

Trainer view allows for instructors to monitor activity, assess performance, and intervene in real-time training.

Constant Mission Evolution

New missions can be added to address the latest threats and customer-specific training requirements.

Measured performance

Leaderboard feature provides insights into trainee performance and progress to facilitate skill assessments.

Don’t be the next cyber breach news headline.  

We believe in the power of education and training as a key approach to securing company networks, protecting company reputations, and preventing monetary losses. Safeguard your data, your people, and your job with cybersecurity solutions centered on the PEOPLE that use them.