Cybersecurity Awareness

Cyber awareness is the first step to a strong cybersecurity posture.

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Educate the entire enterprise on cybersecurity. 

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Gain insight into workforce cyber practices. 

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Practice good cyber hygiene.

More than half of cyber incidents occur from internal employee mishaps. Proper cybersecurity awareness training can inform daily practices and redefine security best practices, so the entire workforce is on board. Cybersecurity awareness helps all team members from the administrator to the IT expert understand the significance of cybersecurity attacks, their personal impact on organizational health, and strategies to mitigate risk in the network.

We believe cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility not just the IT/security department. To build a culture of cybersecurity where everyone contributes, cybersecurity awareness training provides an interactive way to learn and change behavior for the better.

97% Internet users cannot identify a phishing email Security awareness training can help deter attacks by informing employees at all levels about scam types, hacking methods, and more.
88% employees lack awareness to prevent a common cyber incident. Low employee privacy and security awareness IQ puts organizations at serious risk for an incident.
50% security breaches stem from human error Enterprises face threats that compromise the security of critical information due to unintentionally risky behavior from employees with poor privacy and security hygiene.

Recognize real-world threats

Increase knowledge of the attack types and how to recognize and prevent them with inclusive awareness training for all knowledge levels.

Learn best practices

Hands-on security awareness training puts knowledge into action, allowing staff to practice behaviors and receive opportunity for feedback.

Contribute to workplace security posture

Learning best practices of cybersecurity behavior reinforces day-to-day activities that oftentimes are the most overlooked yet perpetual causes of attacks.

Gone are the days when employees were the leading cause of cyber vulnerabilities.

Cybersecurity awareness helps teams stay on top of threats by understanding how attacks manifest in everyday workplace activities.