Optimizing Application Performance

Maintain user productivity without sacrificing corporate computing power.

Minimize connection congestion and accelerate application performance

A number of technical issues, including WAN performance, security, and central management of virtual and IP services, prevent the widespread adoption of cloud computing infrastructures in the enterprise. Increasing complexity and bandwidth demands of software applications will become more crowded over time. Without performance enhancements, the latency and traffic inherent in WAN connections can drag to a crawl in some instances, causing applications to time out, expose data to corruption, and frustrate workers at remote sites.

Organizations can choose to optimize peak performance with no complex settings or parameters, and no reconfiguration of LAN and WAN equipment.

31% business` communications costs are already consumed by WANs. Cloud computing may easily increase the cost of communication if WAN optimization if not properly implemented.
26% surveyed businesses experienced at least one type of WLAN attack in the past year. Rogue access points, incorrect station association, and wired network intrusion are all possible outcomes that arise with poor network health.
95% of malware is still delivered via email. Not securing your network is much more expensive than investing in the right security software.

Avoid application and cloud computing inefficiencies

While the migration to cloud computing may save capital expenses, it can be a frustrating and inefficient platform for employees using poor network connections.

Control Costs

Eliminate costly equipment and bandwidth upgrades while realizing greater performance and retiring remote applications.

Improve employee productivity

Wait time for applications directly correlates to lost productivity for employees. Improve application compliance for better end-user performance.

Reap the Benefits of a Full Functioning Cloud Infrastructure.

The promise of efficiency is not out of reach for those seeking solutions to optimize network speed and performance.