Workforce Readiness

Assess cyber workforce competencies to optimize offensive and defensive performance.

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Competency training and analysis minimizes system vulnerabilities.

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Obtain visible security posture benefits for all system infrastructure.

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Prepare the next generation of professionals to enter the workforce.

Be Prepared for the Expected.

Cyberattacks are no longer an unexpected occurrence. Organizations are expecting attacks and daily headlines of high-profile breaches warrant such thinking. Despite this understanding, 73 percent of organizations claim they are not prepared for the next attack. Budgetary roadblocks, skill gaps, and staffing shortages all contribute to an organization’s cybersecurity posture.

We believe challenges are meant to be overcome, which is why our cybersecurity workforce readiness solutions are designed with people at the heart of it. We offer workforce readiness solutions for current and prospective cyber teams that prepare organizations to combat evolving threats. Learn more about our training and assessment cybersecurity solutions below to find what platform works best for your needs.

74% increase in cybersecurity job openings over the last five years.
75% security professionals don’t have enough staff to defend their organization from threats.
8% increase in global cybersecurity spending by 2021.

Train to conquer. Learn to protect.
Grow to improve.  

Workforce readiness cybersecurity training allows cyber teams to confidently and quickly respond to attacks when they enter the network, without compromising the safety of the organization or the customers it serves. Proper training build skills and improves performance so hackers never have a chance to infiltrate and destroy.